Relationship with Supply
Chain Partners

Initiatives on building sustainable relationships with our supply chain partners

Automobile companies have a complex supply chain. The automobile supply chains can be broadly classified into - Direct Material Suppliers (auto components fitted on vehicle) and Indirect Material Suppliers (consumables such as paint, pre-treatment chemicals gases, etc. used in the manufacturing process as well as other materials required for supporting processes).

The other key component of the automobile value chain includes sales & marketing and after sales service to ensure a superior customer experience through dealers and service touch points.

We engage with our channel partners as well as suppliers very closely. We believe partnering with our suppliers and dealers for sharing knowledge and developing capacity, will add to our cost efficiency and ensure an enhanced customer experience.

Our 'Project Sankalp' benefits bottom-of-the pyramid supplier partners in the areas of quality, productivity and profitability through capability building, elimination of waste (rework, rejections, transit damages, etc.) conservation of resources and a better work environment thereby ensuring business continuity.

Jaguar Land Rover's supply chain is complex and growing in line with our international expansion

Around 72% of JLR's suppliers participated in the CDP Supply Chain survey in 2015-16, which compares well with the CDP average of 51%. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain programme is an important global platform for engaging with suppliers to help businesses decarbonise and strengthen their own resilience.

JLR's UK supply chain has grown strongly, matching its growth story. UK-sourced components have increased to 50%, creating GBP 3.5 billion per annum of additional UK contracts, supporting 200,000 jobs and taking its total annual manufacturing spend with UK suppliers to more than GBP 6.5 billion. In the last five years, JLR's investment has generated more than 60,000 new jobs in the UK supply chain.

In FY 2017, TML has engaged with 105 top suppliers who have reported on their environmental, social and governance performance. In addition, we conducted site assessment of 52 suppliers and the combined performance is given below:


ISO 14001 compliant


OHSAS 18001 compliant


ISO 14001- In process


OHSAS 18001 - In process

540322.54 GJ

Total energy consumption

95315.82 tCO2e

Scope 1 & Scope 2 emission


Lost Time Injury (LTI)




Suppliers using renewable energy

288980.26 m3

Water consumption

83086.31 MT


7.5% female workers

Gender diversity


Incidents of non-compliance (Legal compliance)


Employee unions at suppliers

25 suppliers

with near-miss monitoring